SM 301 MGF

Product Description

  • Contemporary, sturdy mechanical design with hermetically sealed refrigeration unit and air-cooled condenser.
  • High overrun beater shafts with polymer scrapper designed for maximum efficiency and easy extraction.
  • Ideal design of piston pump results in effective mix and air feed at optimum overrun.
  • Direct expansion system to the freezing cylinders for fast and effective cooling.
  • Separate hopper refrigeration system in the mix storage tanks to store ice cream mixes at hygienically ideal temperature.
  • Electronic consistency controller monitors hardness of ice cream constantly.
  • To maintain a perfect hygienic condition, all parts in direct contact with ice cream or the mix are made of stainless steel and food grade plastic.
  • Night storage mode foc storage of mix in the hopper over-night.
  • Environment friendly CFC free refrigerant and CFC free thermal insulation.
  • The SPECTRUM is optimised with 4 different flavours available at any given time, plus the option of the traditional product without the spectrum.
Model Dimension (mm) Hourly Output (125 ml) Storage Capacity (Ltrs. x No.) Flavours Over Run Power (Ph/v/Hz Weight (Kg)
SM-301/MGF 550 710 1400 300 8 x 2 Two + Mix 40% 1/230/50 220

Technical Specifications

Sr No. Technical Details Floor Model,  Three Compressor, High-Performance
1 Size W 550 x D 700 x H 1400
2 No of flavours Two + mix
3 Mix storage/hopper tanks x 2 7.5 ltrs. each
4 Freezing cylinder x 2  1.7 ltrs each (Dia 87mm x Lenth 285mm)
5 Material of cylinder SS 304
6 Details on beater with scrapper Crafted from SS and dispensing blades from delrin
7 Temp of stored mix in hopper 4 Degree C and adjustable with Digital Control.Standby mode available
8 Refrigeration system for hopper Tecumseh THK0384YTG – 750BTU/hr @ -6.7C
9 Refrigeration for Barrels Emerson – Kcm475 LAL-EX-6500BTU/hr @ -20deg evaporation
10 Total no. of compressors Two ( 1 for  berrals + 1 for hopper)
11 Refrigerent  Ice Cream Production R404, Hopper R134A
12 No of castor wheels 4  ( 100x30mm)
13 Type of Insulation Puf
14 Number of lids over tank Two lids
15 Outer shell material & thickness (G) and finish Stainless steel matt hair line finish 1.2mm and 0.8mm
16 Ineer shell material Mild steel Sq Tubes
17 Condensor type Air Cooled with Internal Grooved tubes
18 Controller Programmeble Microprocessor based consistency with LCD display
19 Mix Hopper Agitator Optional at additional cost
20 Hourly output of cone at 100ml 300 cups or more
21 Weight of machine 225 kg
22 Details on electric power 230V 50Hz Single phase
23 Beater motors 0.5 hp two nos. direct gear drive
24 Installed Power 2000 W
25 Over Run 40 – 45 %