SM-101 MG

Product Description

  • Contemporary, sturdy mechanical design with hermetically sealed refrigeration unit and air-cooled condenser.
  • High overrun beater shafts with polymer scrapper designed for maximum efficiency and easy extraction.
  • Ideal design of piston pump results in effective mix and air feed at optimum overrun.
  • Direct expansion system to the freezing cylinders for fast and effective cooling.
  • Separate hopper refrigeration system in the mix storage tanks to store ice cream mixes at hygienically ideal temperature.
  • Electronic consistency controller monitors hardness of ice cream constantly.
  • To maintain a perfect hygienic condition, all parts in direct contact with ice cream or the mix are made of stainless steel and food grade plastic.
  • Night storage mode foc storage of mix in the hopper over-night.
  • Environment friendly CFC free refrigerant and CFC free thermal insulation.
  • The SPECTRUM is optimised with 4 different flavours available at any given time, plus the option of the traditional product without the spectrum.


Model Dimension (mm) Hourly Output (125 ml) Storage Capacity (Ltrs. x No.) Flavours Over Run Power (Ph/v/Hz Weight (Kg)
SM-101/MG 445 710 1400 150 9 x 1 Single 40% 1/230/50 120