Product Detail:

  • The machine facilitates production, display and selling of freshly churned Gelato, Sorbet and natural Ice-Creams.
  • All parts in contact with the ingredients and the ice-cream are made of good grade stainless steel and non-toxic material.
  • Independent creaming tank allows maximum flexibility of use.
  • Transparent lid permits follow in view of the ice cream during the whole process of Ice-cream making.
  • Automatic stopping of the churner on opening of lid.
  • Control panel consists of a reset function, churner control, density and temperature control of the ice-cream and night storage mode for better functionality.
  • Allows addition of ingredients such as dry fruits, fresh fruits etc. at anything during the process.
  • Wash water discharge in the creaming tank makes the cleaning simpler.
  • Night storage mode allows the storage of ice-cream overnight without letting the quality of the product degrade.



Dimension (mm)

Batch (Lit.)

Hourly Output (Lit.)

Power (Ph/v/Hz)

Weight (Kg)




MVX – 1 525 560 400 4 x 1 16 x 1 1/230/50